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CarriageStone Cottage & Home Design, LLC

CarriageStone Cottage & Home Design, LLC was founded to provide superior design and drafting services for new construction, renovations, and additions. This includes plans for new homes, large and small additions, outbuildings, renovation plans, and even construction details.

Prior to founding CarriageStone, I served in a variety of positions in the sales end of the construction materials industry before being asked to join one of the best luxury custom home builders in Richmond, Virginia. I served for seven years as Project Manager and Estimator – a position that requires and strengthens your practical experience and jobsite knowledge. Serving clients who were highly accomplished, with the typical home valued between $1,000,000 to $3,000,000, we consistently delivered homes that were of extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. These were, in most cases, the clients’ last and best home. Being their ultimate home, sometimes even considered heirlooms, there were many details that had to be just right.

As you might imagine, some of the plans brought to us were better than others. When a plan lacked sufficient detail, I would usually be asked to produce construction details that could clearly communicate the necessary information so that both clients and trades understood clearly what was to be built. This was very satisfying work. It is very rewarding to see a client light up when you are able to put onto paper the thought they were trying to express. Being able to communicate their ideas in a buildable manner is key to custom building.

Being involved in this level of homebuilding offered great opportunities to not only see the types of details and level of construction worthy of such homes, but to appreciate the process of communicating those ideas efficiently and effectively. This experience was invaluable. It offered opportunities to work with some great clients on very special homes and allowed me to appreciate firsthand the quality of construction drawings necessary to complete highly detailed projects.

I’m sure you will find that this breadth of experience – from the supply industry to practical hands-on experience solving jobsite problems, will serve clients of CarriageStone well. Please feel free to contact me .